Application and the use of the JFH Rewards is subject to the following terms and conditions. Japan Foods Holding Ltd may, at any time, in its sole discretion and without assigning reason to amend or change the Terms and Conditions with or without notice.


For the purpose of these terms and conditions, the following terms when capitalized shall have the meanings as set forth below, except where the context otherwise requires: -

  • “JFH Rewards” - a loyalty programme by the Japan Foods Holding Ltd. (collectively referred to as "JFH") that can be used to obtain and/or accumulate "$J" for enjoying benefits or privileges subject to the terms and conditions herein.
  • “$J” – rebate point awarded to member under JFH Rewards
  • “Account” – membership account maintained by JFH for the JFH Rewards member.
  • “Participating Restaurants” –restaurants which acknowledge and accept JFH Rewards benefits. i.e. all JFH restaurants in Singapore excluding Yonehachi at Takashimaya and Hototogisu at Jewel.
  • “Member” - member of the JFH Rewards who has a registered active JFH Rewards account
  • “Website”: - www.jfh.com.sg/html/members.php and/or jfh.raptorpos.com/frontend/membership/login.php and its subdomains.


As the JFH Rewards Programme belongs to JFH, any individual’s participation in the JFH Rewards shall be at the sole discretion of JFH. An individual must hold a valid account in order to participate in the JFH Rewards Programme.


JFH Rewards is a life-time membership programme with no signup fee, annual fee or recurring fee. An individual may apply for membership through website at www.jfh.com.sg/html/members.php. Member may, at any time, terminate the membership at www.jfh.com.sg/html/members.php or send a termination request via email to membership@jfh.com.sg.

Membership privileges can only be enjoyed by the account owner. Sharing of account is not allowed. It is the responsibility of the member to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of his/her account. JFH will not be held responsible for any dispute and fraudulence for any account or transaction.

JFH reserve the rights to terminate any account’s membership in its absolute discretion. Upon termination or cancellation of the account for any other reason, all $J will be forfeited and member shall have no further claim against JFH.


JFH may, in its absolute discretion, change or amend any of the member privileges stated herein.

Earning OF $J
Members may earn 10% rebates, in the form of $J, off the bill when they dine-in or takeaway at participating outlets.

Transaction through third party platforms, such as Deliveroo or Honestbee, is not entitle to earning of $J.

Member has to inform cashier about his/her membership details at point of payment to be able to earn $J. Cashier may request member to verify member details with Name, Date of Birth and/or email. Member is not eligible to earn $J after the payment has been made and sales transaction is closed.

Earning of the 10% rebate is calculated before the service charge and GST.

Certain promotional item may not subject to earning of $J. JFH reserves the right, at any point of time, determine or change items that are not entitle to $J earning.

$J has validation cycle of one year upon successful signup. Any $J that is not utilised during its validation cycle will be forfeit and cannot be brought forward to next validation cycle.

$J and is not transferable, not refundable and cannot be exchange for cash under any circumstances.

$J and Reward Redemption
Member may use valid $J to offset bill on the next visit or redeem rewards in accordance with prevailing offers or programmes.

JFH reserves the right to change the redemption mechanics at any time, with or without notice.

Rewards may include redeemable voucher, food, beverage or merchandise are subject to availability, JFH reserves the right to substitute or remove the Rewards or make amendments to the Rewards conditions at any time with or without notice to the Member.

Redemption of Rewards is subject to the Member having sufficient $J and is subject to Reward availability.

JFH reserves the right to adjust the $J required for redemption of Rewards or $J value with or without giving any prior notice to the Member.


JFH does not promise that the reward program or it relevant service will be error-free or uninterrupted or fraudulence-proof. Your sole remedy against JFH for dissatisfaction with the reward programme or any of its relevant service is to stop using or cancel the membership.

Each Member assumes all risk and liability for loss, damage or injury to the person or property of the Member or any other person arising from the Member’s participation in the JFH Rewards. To the extent permitted by law, JFH disclaims any liability whatsoever arising from or relating to the Member’s participation in the JFH Rewards.

Each Member shall indemnify and hold JFH, its Service Provider and Rewards Vendor, its and its Service Provider’s or Rewards Vendor’s directors, officers, employees, agents and contractors harmless from and against any and all claims, proceedings, loss, damage, costs and expenses (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) incurred, suffered or sustained by JFH, its Service Provider or Rewards Vendor, its and its Service Provider’s or Rewards Vendor’s directors, officers, employees, agents and contractors directly or indirectly arising from or relating to the Member’s participation in the JFH Rewards, the Member’s Redemption of Rewards, the Member's use, misuse or abuse of the programme and/or breach of these JFH Rewards’ Terms and Conditions by the Member.